• (Photo via Rony's Photobooth)

    Levi's Bike Shop Tour: Dominic's Update September 21

    After a month since the launch of the tour, with over 20 stops and 8,000 miles, the Levi's Bike Shop rolled into LA for another full weekend—all systems go.  It was a non-stop fiesta.

    Featured LA artist Geoff McFetridge's winged patch was flying everywhere: on shirts, hats, bags, and pockets.  It was a hot item all weekend long

    Space 15 Twenty came prepared for the party, and the PUSH/PULL: Art and Cycle gallery show (curated by Space manager Stephen Stonehill) connected the dots between the Bike Shop outside and the courtyard concert events within.  It features displays by Flying Pigeon, Golden Saddle, and Micheal Kim's traveling Bicycles photo exhibition. 

    Inside, the crowd packed in tight, eagerly anticipating the electrifying concert to come from High Places and Liars. They were juiced by Patron's open bar, which came back with custom Commuter drinks and popsicles.

    The venue was over capacity and the back to back shows shook the walls. After the bands had left the stage and revelers took to the night, the crowd continued to envelope the Shop and kept the party going even later. The Bike Shop rolled on with a steady flow of traffic, and busy hands tuning and tailoring into the night. 

    The next day we were back at it again. The Bicycle Film Festival's Street Party downtown brought the noise, and plenty of bikes to be serviced. We had four mechanics working non-stop, as BMXers performed tricks alongside the Shop on sprawling ramps.  A crowd of all ages packed the overflowing lot. 

    Riders were coming straight off the ramp to the Shop and then right back into the arena, working it like a pit crew.

    Tricked out bikes sparkled in the sun and bicycle jump rope kept it hopping.

    As the crowd slowly retreated, the Shop packed up again and prepared itself for the road to San Francisco, where an even larger party awaits.

    Follow along with us for the end of the Levi's Bike Shop Tour @GetInTheSaddle!—Dominic