• Levi's Bike Shop Tour: Dominic's Update September 13

    Since we left the flatlands, the stops have come fast and furious on the Levi’s Bike Shop's road West. It’s been an adventure for sure.

    Boulder was the first stop in our Western expansion. It's incredible how you can drive for an eternity along the flattest route imaginable and then all of a sudden a vertical wall greets you at the Great Divide. We were ready to cross over and climbed into Rocky Mountain territory.

    Boulder natives take their bicycles seriously, and we saw some rugged sets of wheels at the shop that day. We recruited local bike advocates Bikes Belong and Boulder B-Cycle to join the party, and the rowdy Cruiser Ride came through all aglow as night befell the Shop's set-up off Pearl St.

    Night biking in Boulder is a sight to behold. Almost everyone in town seems to have a headlamp handy for night rides on the mountain trails. They also bring the mobile party en masse, which was great because we had cause to celebrate—it was Capricia's birthday.

    She got her birthday wish.

    Biking populates just about every aspect of life in Boulder, including the beer. This signage at Oskar Blues Brewery is a lot like the One on One shop sign we saw in Minneapolis, only swap coffee for beer, and re-direct man's trajectory toward a buzzed, wheelie popping monkey. 

    Saloons are a tired rider's best friend, and also a wayward traveler's. We couldn't resist this place, and almost lost Errol there. 

    Just as we were really starting to enjoy ourselves, it was already time to leave. We had a long winding tour through the Rocky Mountains ahead of us, with our sites set on Mormon Country, Utah.

    Follow along with the crew @GetInTheSaddle! -Dominic