• Levi's Bike Shop Tour: Dominic's Update August 19

    The road has been good to us so far, as the Bike Shop winds its way through the Deep South. So deep. We've officially made our first stop at a Waffle House and we've crossed the line where White Castles become Krystals. We also made a pit stop at the notorious Flea Market on our way through Montgomery, AL. We were amazed to find out it actually exists. And it is, in fact, just like a mini... mall.

     Here are a couple other things we've found out on our Southern journey:

    1. Asheville, NC is an incredible place to ride. The hilly terrain makes for a roller coaster ride, and the mountains really are "smokey." The mist enveloping the hills on the horizon makes the whole landscape totally surreal. 
    2. Atlanta has a very diverse bike scene. We saw a lot of action at the Urban store in Ponce de Leon. Atlanta is also just as hot as advertised and we couldn't drink enough water. Our water jug was a vital resource.

    We've also met a lot of great people down here. Here are some of our top Photo booth pictures of the week from our Southern leg. And with each image, a Southern value:

    Family values.




    Bike T-Shirt of the week: 


    Currently, we're edging closer to New Orleans, and there's no telling what may happen down there. Stay tuned...—Dominic