• Meet your tour guide for the Levi's Bike Shop: Dominic Musacchio of Imprint Project! He will be blogging for us weekly from the road with updates, stories, pictures, and details on all of the behind the scenes work that goes into a tour like this.

    Levi's Bike Shop Tour: Dominic Musacchio

    I'm Dominic Musacchio (29-years-old), the producer / documentarian on the Bike Shop tour. I grew up in the woods of Western Massachusetts, and now I live in Brooklyn by the Williamsburg Bridge where the hipster and hasidic worlds collide.

    I definitely have a passion for the road and find I'm happiest when I'm on the move. I think best on my feet and get restless in office space. This project was pretty irresistible for many reasons. I've been working in production for a while now, and I jumped at the chance to join the tour to keep this shop moving and document the experience along the way. I'm looking forward to meeting an undoubtedly colorful cast of characters as we duck and weave across the states, and share stories from the road. We'll be covering some serious ground over the next month and a half.

    As for my bicycle, I'll be bringing this beast on the road with us. Our mechanic Errol's already given it some TLC... much obliged sir.

    Stay tuned for more from the road!