• Lazy Cosplay: Static

    Virgil Ovid Hawkins (hope you're up to date on your ancient Roman poets) is your typical teenage dork. He hopes to get back at some bullies who were hassling him but instead gets trapped between rival gangs. The cops show up, unknowingly release teargas that has been tainted with a chemical called Quantum Juice, and electromagnetic Static, along with other mutated teens, is born. Once belonging to Milestone Media, Static has since been absorbed by mainstream DC continuity where he has starred in his own cartoon and comic, as well as many other series. Static mixes his superhero wear with everyday accessories like baseball caps and long, dramatic coats. Expect a lot of yellow and blue with lightning motifs. Christina

    Brixton Rift Snapback Hat
    It even has a centered X on it.

    Ray-Ban Justin Youngster Wayfarer Sunglasses
    I have this problem where sunglasses make me look like a giant douchebag. I would never wish my plight on anyone. Except, you know, giant douchebags. These are cool, though.

    Lightning Bolt Shop Tank Top
    There's a long sleeve version as well. You can put so many tiny things in that pocket.

    Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket
    This jacket might be the brightest article of clothing in the entire Men's section of the website. Perfect for Static.

    Levi' 511 Skinny Stonewashed Twill Pant
    These pants will be perfect to complete the ensemble.

    Hawkings McGill Ripple Chukka Boot
    Chukka is a real word, just in case you were wondering.