• Lazy Cosplay: Comic Con Edition

    So you've survived your first day at Comic Con. Congratulations! Did you notice that all of those cosplayers seemed to be having a really fun time and everyone was excited to see them? It's a shame you didn't have the foreknowledge or sewing skills to give it a try. Have no fear! There are several Urban Outfitters in the San Diego area that can help you channel your favorite characters. Christina

    The Joker
    Heath Ledger may be the reigning Joker champ, but you can't deny that Jack Nicholson had style.

    BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jean
    Stores should have more purple things. It's the color of royalty! Who doesn't want to feel majestic every day?

    CPO Screech Candy Shirt
    This shirt makes me want to eat candy corn and that stuff tastes like chalk.

    One & Only X Urban Renewal Cropped Vest
    The more I read about the Urban Renewal Project, the more I like it.

    UO Silk Tie
    I was going to link to a bandanna or scarf, but then I saw this model. Hello, sir.

    Graftobian Flourescent Hair Spray
    I need to see this under a black light. I hope it looks like this.

    Halo Jones
    The Ballad of Halo Jones begins when a young woman goes shopping and discovers that her best friend ends up murdered. Her life unravels and becomes quite fantastic from there. Where did she go? Out. What did she do? Everything.

    MINKPINK New Dawn Kimono Jacket
    Look, no one has a coat like Halo. The most difficult part of her look is the crazy shoulders. Oddly, the style hasn't caught on and is difficult to find. You can try to replicate it with big ass shoulder pads or craft foam, but who has the time. Instead, try to find bigdramatic, sweeping, colorful coats and capes. And the girl has a thing for collars.

    Cooperative Cary Shirt
    Layer up, people.

    BDG High-Rise Seamed Jean - Blue
    Realistic, muted colots are for boring real lives and office jobs. You're at a convention and you're trying to look like a comic book. Go bright!  

    Dr. Martens Britain Tall Platform Boot
    In honor of Halo's British roots, here is a very British boot. I am also a fan of this pair which bear the name of a very British model.

    Fone Bone
    You recognize Fone Bone, don't you? I remember seeing Bone is those Scholastic book order forms they'd hand out monthly in grade school. I never ended up reading it until I was much older but trust me, this comic holds up.

    Penfield Idlewood Backpack
    If you receive any royal medallions or quiches along your journey, store them in this backpack for safekeeping.

    Small World Bangle Bracelet
    And here's your map to see where you're going, as long as where you're going is a very small part of the largest continent on the planet.

    Beyond that, you are completely naked. Enjoy Comic Con!