• Kaitlin Sellereit

    Meet Kaitlin Sellereit, sales & marketing operations coordinator for Dry Soda. She has been with on the road with the Dry Soda sprinter and the Store on Tour since September 29th and so far, she is in love with the touring lifestyle!

    Have you ever been on tour before?
    No! I got the call about doing a college tour and was really looking forward to it!

    What has been your favorite experience so far?
    Besides getting so many new people excited about Dry Soda, I've definitely been enjoying the food! I went to my first Waffle House and I was ecstatic for that because we don't have them in Seattle! I love all the southern food, especially the BBQ ribs and hush puppies.

    How's it been driving alone throughout the tour?
    It's not bad being stuck in a van full of Dry Soda! I'm addicted! I've had plenty of help along the way and Meg has ridden with me so it's been a lot of fun.

    What have you been listening to in the van?
    My boss gave me a few CDs when I forgot my own and so I've mainly been rocking out to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and Bruce Springsteen! It feels pretty cool driving through these rural towns with the windows down and blasting classic rock.

    What's your favorite flavor right now?
    Definitely our new flavor, Wild Lime. It's so refreshing and so much better for you than any of the similar tasting soda's around. All the flavors pair really perfectly with alcohol and when we were in Columbus we hooked up with Jenny Ice Cream and made these amazing Dry Soda floats!!

    Have you been trying to exercise after being in the van for so long?
    It's definitely a work out lifting all the boxes of soda everyday!

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    X - Jen