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    Join the Party: Al Madrigal

    After his set at Indecision in the Park, we went backstage with Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal to find out how he got his job, where he got his shirt, and who has the better moustache: him or John Hodgman.
    Interview by Ally Mullen

    Hi! From one Al to another, can you tell me how you got started at The Daily Show?
    I actually got the gig through doing a bunch of stand-up and I had worked with Adam Lowitt, who suggested that I submit and that Jon would be really into my act and would like me. So I wrote an original piece, put myself on tape, and submitted it. They flew me out, I got to audition, and I got to shake Jon’s hand and he said, “Welcome to The Daily Show!”

    Is that tape out there somewhere we can find it?
    No! It lives on my computer. It’s awesome though. What I didn’t realize is that when you do a rehearsal that the feed goes throughout the entire office. So every single person in the office was watching me on their closed circuit channel inside the studio. So, I came back in, got hired, and people were like, “Hey man good job on your audition!” And I had no idea. I would have been way more nervous had I of known!

    What was it about?
    Well what’s funny about it is what I heard after the fact. The congresswoman from Texas I wrote the piece about was trying to pass a bill that said illegal immigrants in Texas wouldn’t be considered illegal if there were domestic helps, like nannies, cooks, and gardeners. They wouldn’t get busted. It was the most racist thing ever. Anyway, the congresswoman stopped that bill proposal that day but if she hadn’t, it would have been on the show that night. So that’s how I found out I made the cut. I’ve been on the show over a year; I started as a contributor then full time correspondent.

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    Who are you voting for? Is that ok to ask?
    When it comes to the show it’s not something that we talk about. I got asked to endorse a candidate because—it’s ridiculous—they were looking for Latino celebrities to endorse for one of the candidates. I got asked and I was like, “I probably couldn’t do that.” So I probably can’t answer that.

    Okay, fair enough. So where did you get this awesome shirt from?
    I got this awesome shirt—you know, I had had a couple drinks—but I was with Wyatt and another comic and we went shopping and I bought this shirt at Urban Outfitters.

    I think I've heard of them.  So what drew you to it?
    I don’t know. I’ve never owned a shirt like this in my entire life. I swear to you I got at least 10 compliments. John Hodgman went out of his way to say how much he liked the shirt.

    Do you think you have a better moustache than John Hodgman?
    I know I have a better moustache than John. Mine kind of hangs down in this awesome Fu Manchu and it makes me so much more ethnic than he could ever hope to be.

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