• John Wizards: John Wizards

    John Wizards moving, self-titled release is sure to keep you busy and on your toes. If you'd like something to compare this to, think The XX. But narrowing in on John Wizards might leave you confused and dissatisfied. This record, as a whole, shows the global, multi-genre potential of indie music. 

    John Withers, the man behind the album, wears a lot of hats on this record. At some points you hear an Ezra Koenig-esque Afro-beat, and then before you know it you’re hearing trap-like samples and stuttering. Although it sounds like the kind of Logic Pro fusion of virtual instruments and real guitars, you can’t tell which is which. Once in a while you hear a heavy accented vocal, sounding like South African Okmalumkoolka, LV collaborator and electro vocal personality. 

    Tracks like iYongwe, the disco-heavy foot tapper, keep this record interesting. The hip hop instrumental soundscape tracks are filling and deep, and don’t allow you to get too comfortable. This is a really good, really interesting sound from South Africa. You can listen on Spotify here and check out the record release on Planet Mu. —Corbin