• It's Beyonce's Birthday!

    Happy birthday to Bey! She's prettier, richer and more talented than I will be at 32, and probably you, too. That's just life, man. Sucks for us, but rules for her! In honor of her big day, let's look back on some of the songs - nay, gifts that she has given us over the years. —Katie

    "Bills, Bills, Bills"
    A STUNNING ENTRANCE INTO THE POP WORLD. Pretty sure "automo' bills" is still one of my favorite wordplays. How could they fail with genius wordsmithery like that?

    I think I was 13 when this video came out, and even then I was mesmerized by Beyonce's booty in the pink outfit.

    "Crazy in Love"
    The first time Beyonce spread her beautiful angel wings as a solo artist and became an absolute treasure to this nation. Can you even believe this song was released in 2003? Timeless, TBH.

    "Ring the Alarm"
    If I'm ever a major league baseball player, this will totally be the song I come out to because hello, how could anyone not feel ready to like, smash a baseball bat in half on their knee after listening to this one?

    "Single Ladies"
    What was the world like before "Single Ladies"? Did people even know how to hand dance?

    "Why Don't You Love Me"
    This video convinced me that my long, boxy face would look just as amazing as Beyonce's with Bettie bangs, but it just ended up looking like Paul McCartney's face. :( But uglier. :(

    "Love On Top"
    IDK, this is probably just the best pop song ever made.