• Irish Musicians

    In honor of St. Patrick's Day, let's take a look at some of the awesome bands and musicians that have come out of Ireland over the years. Although there are numerous others (Bono, anyone?), these bands seem to embody the spirit of Ireland better than anybody else. And no, not all of the songs are about drinking. God.—Katie

    The Pogues "Streams Of Whiskey"
    Ah, The Pogues. While lead singer Shane MacGowan's teeth may leave something to be desired, their songs do not. If you feel like having the most depressing Christmas ever, you can always pop on the song "Fairytale Of New York" and think about how glad you are to not be spending Christmas Eve in a drunk tank.

    Fionn Regan "Be Good Or Be Gone"
    Fionn Regan sometimes flies under the radar, but he's as good an Irish musician as the rest of them. Although one of his best albums, The Shadow of an Empire, is kind of hard to find here in the states, make sure you give "Catacombs" off that album a listen because it is good.

    The Undertones "Teenage Kicks"
    Irish punk dudes The Undertones were catchy, cool, and were able to incorporate New Wave sounds into their songs without sounding weirdly '80s.

    Stiff Little Fingers "Suspect Device"
    While The Undertones focused more on teenage troubles, Stiff Little Fingers focused more on the actual troubles that were plaguing Ireland around the time of their inception. And that made them another good ol' fashioned Irish punk band.

    Van Morrison "Tupelo Honey"
    Van Morrison is like, the ultimate singer-songwriter from Ireland, and this live version of the song "Tupelo Honey" proves that he deserves every ounce of his success because da-da-da-damn. His voice is like honey, amirite?

    The Cranberries "Linger"
    Don't worry, the ladies are not totally forgotten. The Cranberries basically made the '90s their bitch with hits like "Linger" and "Zombie" and female vocalist Dolores O'Riordan's signature lilting voice. "ZAAA-HAAAM-BEH, ZAAA-HAAAM-BEH, EH-EHH, EH-EHH, OH-HO, OH-HO."

    B*Witched "C'est La Vie"
    Silly you, thinking you could get through a post on Irish musicians without seeing B*Witched. Don't worry, here they are! If you act like you don't love "C'est La Vie," the catchiest song ever made, then you're a goddamn liar.