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    Interview: Stella Berkofsky

    Meet Stella Berkofsky, the 22-year-old fashion photographer whose self-taught skills, natural beauty and killer sense of fashion will have you glowing green with envy. A few glances at her work and you'll start to wish she was your BFF so that you could travel the world together and have her document all of your good hair days.
    Interview by Ally Mullen

    Introduce yourself!

    I’m Stella Berkofsky and I’m 22. I grew up in London but have been in Los Angeles for seven sunny years. I take photographs as well as a handful of other production and fashion related things.

    At what age did you become interested in photography? You take a lot of beautiful portraits—what did you take pictures of?
    I grew up around lots of creative people, so I've always been interested in image making. I think I shot my first 'fashion editorial' at about age nine on a Polaroid Spectra with a friend, which I also styled and modeled in.

    Did you go to school for photography? If not, how did you learn?

    My father was a photographer and he taught me the basics, some simple lighting and he gave me cameras to experiment with. From there, I self-educated.

    You also model. Do you prefer being behind the camera or in front of it, and why?
    Behind, without a doubt! I learned a lot from modeling and got to travel and meet amazing people. I think modeling has affected the way I speak to my subjects and give direction—positively. Being behind the camera feels much more comfortable; I love the process and being able to see projects from beginning to end.

    So tell us about the BAZAAAAAR photo shoot. If you could have any outfit from the shoot, which one would you take and why?
    Definitely the red printed dress. I love the boxy silhouette and the quilted shoulders. The print is fun and bright, but the shape is so modern and wearable. 

    Is your personal style similar to the clothes from the BAZAAAAAR Pop-Up? If not, describe what your style is like!
    I would like to say yes—I love exotic prints and textiles. I definitely collect a lot of similar prints and pieces, but I always pair down prints with solid basics and lots of denim.

    What is your favorite print to wear?
    Definitely stripes.

    Your photos make me want to take a major vacation. Where was the last place you traveled for fun?
    Well, I'm writing to you from Palm Springs! Hanging by the pool and considering going for a little exploration through Joshua Tree later this afternoon.

    Describe your dream travel destination.
    Right now I'm dreaming of Morocco. Relaxing in Tangier, busy Marrakech, vibrant culture, gorgeous architecture, delicious food, color and endless textiles! Hoping I can make it there this year.