• Interview: Peace

    Birmingham band Peace made a quick stop in Los Angeles this week, and I was able to have a quick phone chat with lead singer Harry Koisser while they were here. The band's had a whirlwind of a year: They've come out with their debut record, In Love, and have toured everywhere from their home country of England to Japan. Their music has an extremely unique sound that is somewhat psychedelic, but also sounds like something you've never heard before, which is unbelievably refreshing. As Harry says, the band was influenced by "everything you'd ever like." Harry told me about his favorite places, guitars, and the red velvet catsuit he just purchased. Don't fret, he's wearing it on Halloween.
    Interview by Maddie Sensibile.

    Maddie: Hey! How has your headline tour of the U.S. been treating you so far?
    Harry: It's been fantastic, you know. I love going around the U.S.

    Maddie: Your debut album, In Love, came out earlier this year, but just came out stateside. What were some of your main influences making the record, musically, or even non-musically?

    Harry: Everything. I don't know really. Musically, just everything you'd ever like. We were just doing what we wanted to do, and we'd never made a record before. It was more about just doing it and making a record and writing songs. I guess we were influenced by the opportunity to do it.

    Maddie: I know you've recently acquired a double necked Gibson SG, and I've read your tweets about looking for vintage guitar specialists. Is there one guitarist that really got you to become a guitar enthusiast, and eventually led you to playing music?

    Harry: Guitarists... Jimmy Page was always my favorite. He's just, the one.

    Maddie: Yes, he's everything.

    Harry: Yeah, he's brilliant.

    Maddie: Speaking of that, what was one of the first gigs you ever went to that you knew sealed the deal early on?
    Harry: I don't know really! I went to my dad's band quite a lot. He was a drummer in a covers band, and he played like weddings and stuff. I used to go to those, and I guess that's kind of it, really. Seeing a band, when I was like two years old, was quite cool. It's what I wanted to do when I was really young.

    Maddie: Aside from having incredible guitars, you're always dressed excellently on stage. What is the best piece of clothing you've ever worn on stage?
    I just bought a like, I don't know what you'd call it - it's almost like a catsuit. It's made of like, velour, and it's dark, dark red, almost black. It's kind of what Catwoman would wear, I guess. I've got that. I don't remember where I bought it actually. It's very good.

    Maddie: You should wear it on Halloween.

    Harry: Yes, I will. 

    Maddie: Now, let's chat about tour. What do you guys put on your tour rider? Anything we wouldn't expect?
    Harry: We don't actually put anything on it. We just say Whatever.

    Maddie: You're very easy.
    Harry: Yeah, we can't bother to write it, really. We used to have one, for Christmas, we used to ask for loads of stupid stuff, but now we just ask for whatever.

    Maddie: What's the best city you've visited on this tour? Any place you'd really dig returning to?
    I always like going to Portland. We didn't actually play there, but we did stop there. I know it's not in the States, but Vancouver was really fun.

    Maddie: What music have you been listening to lately that you just can't stop listening to?
    Queen, A Day At The Races. It's quite good. I've been writing new stuff, so I've been listening to myself, which is lame. Dom's [Peace's drummer] been listening to something awfully psychedelic. Dom's always got something terribly psychedelic from like, Budapest.

    Maddie: Lastly, is there any song, new or old, that you wish you could've written the lyrics and music to?
    Harry: I heard the demo of Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side," and I was like, awesome. You know I've just been reminded of that 'cause he cocked it. I was thinking about that, when I heard [about his passing]. I was like, he wrote some songs that I really wish that I could've written.