• Interview: Danielle Greco of VFile's 'Out Hear'

    VFiles' new show Out Hear has hosts Danielle Greco and Brooklyn Matt meeting up with the coolest musicians around to hang out and take part in their favorite hobbies for the day. I spoke with my homegirl Danielle (aka the most famous bitch to ever come out of Northeast Philadelphia) about her experiences on the show, her love for Playboy and what she looks for in a man. Watch out world, she's out here and ready to take over!
    Interview by Ally Mullen

    Yo girl! Describe yourself to our readers in rap form!
    I'd describe myself as a, "Cutie with a booty, fuxin' with sugar daddies only cause they chewy."

    You started from the bottom making store videos, now you're headed to the top with your own VFiles show. On a scale of 1 to 10 how Drake are you feeling right now?
    I'm feeling like Drake in the "Started from the Bottom" music video when he is standing in a white MOVING convertible while fake snow is landing on his all white outfit. That's my Drake level right now.

    Explain your new show, Out Hear, to us. What's it all about? Why should we watch it?
    Out Hear is the music show that has nothing to do with music. It recalls and updates the raw '90s MTV formats and stars Matt and I, who are like your personal Carson Daily and Jenny McCarthy.  We get to know everyone's favorite artists through their hobbies. Out Hear will integrate the worlds of music and fashion, detailing the eccentric style and lives of today’s most popular musical acts.

    Who are some of the artists we can expect to see in the upcoming weeks?
    We have a great lineup this season with guests including Rat King, Blood Orange, A$AP Ferg and Ssion.

    Who would be your dream Out Hear guest and why? 
    I HAVE BEEN BEGGING AND PLEADING TO GET INSANE CLOWN POSSE ON THE SHOW. Before even announcing them, I'd probably burst into Justin Bieber mania-type tears. ICP in my mind holds such an importance culturally. They have created a whole world of their own. I'm a huge horrorcore fan and their stage theatrics are actually mind-blowing. I've gone into past jobs with two day old Faygo in my hair.

    Did you ever get hit on while filming? Who was it/what line did they use? Did you find love on Out Hear
    I'm not going to say anyone hit on me outright, but I will say while filming with A$AP Ferg there may have been an unspoken love connection. The episode quickly turned into mine and Ferg's first date. It was adorable.

    What's the most #embarrassing thing that happened on set?
    SO MUCH EMBARRASSING STUFF HAPPENS ON SET. During one episode when we were filming with Mykki Blanco where I helped him give fans henna tattoos, the henna needle fell into a gutter drain and our producer stuck gum (CHEWED BY ME) on the edge of a stick to retrieve it while there were kids waiting for henna just staring at us all. I also try to hook the camera guys up with my friends while we are filming. They are real cute! 

    In case you missed it: Out Hear Episode 1 with Mykki Blanco and A-Trak!

    Tell us about the other host of the show, Matt. What's his deal? How old is he? Is he a male model? Is he single?
    Matt has become one of my favorite people. I'm from Northeast Philadelphia and although Matt reps Brooklyn HARD he reminds me of everyone I grew up with. Matt is a total model boy, don't ever get started on his signature hair style! Is Matt single? Well, not after I'm done with him..

    Your accent is beautiful but some people don't appreciate it. Do you have any accent haters? What's your response to them? 
    I have actually NEVER received backlash about my accent which blows my mind because it's painful. As I was watching the first episode I texted all my friends saying, "OMG, you are all friends with Snookie."

    What kind of looks can we expect to see you in for this series? Do you get to dig through the VFiles closet for filming? And if so, what are your favorite VFiles items of clothing to wear? 
    All my looks for the show are pieces you can find in the VFILES Shop. In this season I am wearing some of my favorite designers such as Ammerman Schlosberg, Astrid Anderson, & Eckhaus Latta.

    Do you get your nails done before each episode? What color/design are they now? 
    I have actual meltdowns when I find out I'm filming and I'm missing like, a pinky nail and I'm rocking some sketchy look. My nail artist has like three daughters and a hot bod and I love her. They are long black and pointy now with little red designs; my new vibe is "evil." 

    What's the craziest thing that you've ever been asked to do? 
    I have this OBSESSION with Playboy and recently I got offered to do a spread for the upcoming Kate Moss issue. Sorry though, guys. Not happening. Also, you can find me in a faux tuffle with Jungle Pussy in the Danny Brown "WitIt" video.

    Favorite musician(s) of all time? 
    My favorite musician of all time is Trina. She is thee baddest bitch, and surprisingly the SWEETEST one as well.

    Coolest"slang" words to be saying right now? 
    I don't usually use slang words, I cringe at the word "swag," LOL. I also cringe at guys taking mirror selfies, but that's a whole other story.

    What are you being for Halloween?
    I actually hate Halloween, but I always tell people that I am going to be something really insane, like an AVATAR. 

    Do you believe in ghosts? Ever see one?
    I always see ghosts out of the corner of my eye so I casually tell people like, "Oh you have a ghost. What color should I dye my hair?"

    What's your ideal first date? 
    Yes, I love this question so much. My ideal first date would honestly probably be a hockey game where I can eat, and get drunk and scream. I usually do that on my first dates anyways, but that usually doesn't go over well at the Olive Garden.

    Last text you received? 
    The last text I received is from a guy I "know" claiming Project Pat is his favorite rapper which I'll probably respond to with, "Adventures in Hollyhood was brilliant."

    What's the background of your phone? 
    The background on my phone is a Playboy bunny. Like I said before, I am OBSESSED with Playboy.

    BE HONEST: What's more important to you at the moment? A guy's looks, personality, or social status?
    A guy's social status is the most important thing. I have a strictly "NO JOE SCHMOS" dating policy. If you can't Google your man and you're a hot girl, you're really doing yourself a disservice. Ultimately I'm attracted to successful, hard-working guys. That's hotter to me than some stud living in his parents' guest bedroom. It helps if they shop at VFILES.

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