• Interview: Jessie of Bleached

    Bleached have been touring the world in support of their debut record, Ride Your Heart, and now they're headed back to their home state to play our new store in Malibu. We spoke to Bleached about what they've been up to in the last year.

    Interview by Maddie Sensibile

    Hi Jessie! Introduce yourself!

    I’m Jessie from Bleached!

    Since the last time we talked to you guys, Bleached released its debut record, Ride Your Heart, which, in my opinion, is the perfect summer album. What was your favorite part of the process of creating the record?

    There were so many fun parts to it because I feel like there’s so many different stages of making a record. Getting together, me and Jen, we sit down in a room just me and her, you know just kind of working on stuff, and the most fun part is when you kind of like already record everything. You track the bass, the guitar and drums, and that’s all recorded, and you’re almost done with the record but you’re not quite done, then you kinda start listening to it, and you’re like, oh my god, I can’t believe this is sounding really awesome, and you’re adding those last minute things. Maybe those last minute harmonizing parts, and that is the most exciting part.


    During Fall 2013 fashion week, you guys played at the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony presentation, along with some other incredible ladies, including Kim Gordon. How was that for you guys?

    That was super fun, because it was this last minute thing. It's awesome to be on a level with Chloe, where we’re kind of like, hey, we’re just friends, and would you mind playing my fashion show? Like, what? That’s crazy and really awesome. It was so cool. There were a bunch of bands, and we were all set up next to each other making kind of a circle. We were right next to Kim Gordon who was doing a little side thing which was really rad. The models were just off-stage, and we got to wear Chloe’s clothes.


    Speaking of female musicians, are there any female acts that you specifically have drawn inspiration from throughout your musical career?

    We grew up with punk music. It was the music that got us to even start playing music. I feel like me and Jen, weirdly, are on the same path of music and don’t even realize it. Lately we’ve been listening to a lot of psychedelic early Pink Floyd stuff. Even Blondie is such an inspiration, and the Rolling Stones. My first tape I ever got was a Velvet Underground tape. Even when I was a kid I was listening to the Velvet Underground. I still listen to them; so inspired by their music.


    Bleached has also been touring all over the place in the last year, and your gigs always turn into an all out moshing and stage diving extravaganza, like the one in May at the Troubadour. Whats the most memorable gig you've ever played?

    I mean the Troubadour was definitely one. I would say the most memorable gig, there’s a lot, but what really just came to my head when you mentioned crowd-surfing was the show we did in Chicago. We were on tour with this band Hunters; really, really, really awesome people and cool band. We met up with them halfway through this tour, and they played their show and we were headlining that show; it looked like it was sold out. But it was really fun and everyone was going crazy. Me and Jen both were just going crazy too.

    All of a sudden, I don’t know how it happened, but I was crowd-surfing while playing guitar. I don’t even know how that happened. All of a sudden I was up there, and I just remember seeing Jen from a distance, and I’m still playing and our friends were running off the stage and jumping into the crowd. It was so much fun.


    What is your end all, be all favorite record of all time that you never get sick of?

    This one record always comes to my mind. It's actually a compilation record, and it has every awesome band on it from Patti Smith to Richard Hell. Hold on one second, I’m going to ask my boyfriend the name. We’re finding the record! It was almost one of the first records that I got when I was a kid.

    It was kind of the first time I ever heard a lot of those bands on it. Patti Smith is one. Okay, it's called Rock at the Edge. It’s a really cool compilation. Patti Smith does this really awesome cover of Gloria. I’ve never actually picked a compilation before, but every song is so cool. There’s like Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Richard Hell, Graham Parker, Blondie is on it, Television, yeah. It was a really great turning point in my life when I found that record.


    If you weren't playing music, what do you think you would be doing?

    With no music involved, I would definitely be making films. I can even answer for Jen, because she’s not here right now: Jen would be doing fashion. Jen would be doing fashion and I would be making films. I always say when I don’t feel like touring anymore and I’m too old to be in a band I just want to be making music for movies, like score music. If it was really no music at all, I would be doing film or photography.


    Like you guys, I, too, am a San Fernando Valley native. What is something you love about the Valley?

    It was actually my birthday yesterday, and we had this crazy party, and I went out the other night and some kid, I don’t know how we started talking about the Valley, but he was like “I’m from the Valley,” and I’m like, "Dude, I’m from the Valley," and there was this immediate connection we had. Then I was like, "Oh my god, look at my lips," because me and Jen both have tattoos on our lips of “818” and I was trying to show it to him but it was really dark and I was kind of drunk. I’m like, "It's right here, I swear," and he was like, “I don’t see it.” I was telling my friend to shine her phone on my lip; I’m so into the “818.” Valley pride.


    Since you're LA natives, are you excited to be playing our new Malibu store opening? 

    Oh my god, yeah, I’m so excited. I feel like Urban Outfitters is always a place to go for any girl. Whether you’re a total punk girl or whatever type of girl you are, I feel like UO will always have the things you want there. It was funny, recently I went there and they were selling these Metallica sweaters, and I was like, no fucking way, Metallica sweaters? I almost got it but I didn’t have enough money. But I was like, oh my god! I’m stoked because I go to Malibu so much. We're really excited!