• Interview: Bleached

    The Strange Magic Prom Night wouldn't have been complete without a super cool prom band, so of course we got Bleached to play. Their punk songs were perfect for a bunch of teen girls in adorable vintage prom dresses to dance to. And when the moshing got too rough, they took care of the situation by screaming, "Girls, you should go CRAZY" and harassing the Space 15 Twenty security guy. Best prom band ever! Before they went on, I asked Jessica and Jennifer Clavin of Bleached a few questions about their school dance experiences. - Hazel

    Did you guys go to school dances a lot?

    Jennifer: I think I went to, like, one. 

    Jessica: I think when I was in junior high I went but I think by the time I got to high school I totally didn't go to school dances. I went to one with this guy and it was really weird. 

    Okay, now you need to tell me about the weird guy. 

    Jessica: He was a really good friend of ours, Brad, and at the end of the night he tried to kiss me. I was like, "Oh, okay…I don't feel that way about you" [laughs] But I remember our mom sewed a lot when we were younger so I went she made my dress for me. It was really nice and '30s-looking. 

    Jennifer: Actually I do remember I got asked to prom by this boy and I was gonna go but then I had a boyfriend at the time [laughs] and my boyfriend got jealous, that I was going to go to the dance with this other boy! But I didn't think about it because I just thought the guy was asking me as a friend but then when I think my boyfriend got jealous I thought he was asking me as more than a friend so I said I couldn't go.  

    So did you guys go to prom? 

    Jennifer: Well I didn't go because I dropped out of high school. She dropped out too [laughs].

    So which one of you do you guys think is the better dancer? 

    Jennifer: Jessie is way better at dancing! 

     Jessica: Jen's good at dancing too.  

    Do you have a favorite dance?

    Jessica: I think when we're dancing at clubs a little bit of the Molly Ringwald will come out. 

    Jennifer: I was totally going to say the Molly Ringwald dance!  

    I was kind of wishing you were going to say something dorkier, like "The Electric Slide" or something. 

    Jennifer: Oh my god that is so funny because when we went to the South we were in Mississippi and I found Jessica at the end of the night doing the Electric Slide. [laughs] Like, really drunk and alone in a corner.  

    If you both could have your dream school dance, what band would play?

    Jennifer: Oh my god I am thinking of so many right now. At the end of the movie Valley Girl, Josie Cotton plays so I thought it would be cool to re-enact that whole scene. But, with Nicholas Cage and everything. So I'd say that, but if I could just actually pick the ultimate band to play at a high school dance it would probably be, like, Madonna. Because that would just be insane. 

    Jessica: I feel like I would want some punk band that I was listening to while in high school because nobody else was really listening to music like that. It would be cool to go a prom and your favorite punk band is playing. 

    Jennifer: Okay I totally just figured out mine after you said that. It would be The Misfits.  

    Jessica: Yes! I was thinking The Ramones too. Or like Generation X would be really fun and cool. 

    So who would be your dream date to the dance? 

    Jennifer: Like anyone? Even from the past? 


    Jennifer: Then it would be Keanu Reeves, from River's Edge. He would be so hot. 

    Jessica: Mine would be Chris Cornell from Singles era Soundgarden. I feel like he would be the one to spike the punch bowl.  
    Jennifer: Wait, is there going to be a punch bowl tonight? 

    There is going to be a punch bowl tonight

    Jennifer: [laughs] I guess we can't spike it though. 

     Jessica: [laughs] We won't spike it, we promise. 

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