• Interview: Bear Mountain

    Bear Mountain, one of the bands performing at our NXNE store showcase later today in Toronto, spoke to us about Canadian stereotypes, their intense show visuals, and whether or not they'd let Miley chill with them.
    Interview by Katie Gregory

    How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

    I would say our music blends a lot different genres and styles, but is mainly influenced by dance music. We are a live band that plays dance inspired music, with lots of vocals over top.

    How did you guys all meet? What made you want to start a band?
    Greg and I are brothers, and we’ve played in bands since we were teenagers. Kyle and I met in University and played in a prog punk band together. After that band broke up, I started making making beats on my laptop, and showed them to Kyle a few years later. I also made an acoustic guitar/vocal record, and we saw an opportunity to blend the styles of music.

    How long have you all been playing music?
    We’ve all been playing music since we were kids, and I think we all have wanted to play in bands for as long as we can remember. The four of us have been playing together for about 8 months, but Bear Mountain has been around for about two years. Kenji doesn’t even play music, however. He’s the fourth member of our band and he is on stage with us projecting live visuals and manipulating them in real time. Kenji saw us play live once, and he showed us what he was capable of visually. We asked him to join the band, and that’s when everything really came together.

    You guys were just at Gov Ball in NYC, right? How was that? Heard the mud got crazy!
    Yes, the mud was insane. We were lucky because we were playing under a tent, and a lot of people came under the tent to stay dry. It worked out for us because we had a huge crowd.

    What are you most excited for with NXNE?
    To be in Toronto! We all love Toronto and haven’t been back in a while, so we’re really excited to just be here and hang out in the city.

    Who are the other acts you’re most excited to check out?
    I think we’re all excited to see Fucked Up. They're a great band and we want to see them. Also I really want to see Boyz Noise.

    Are you planning to go to any after parties?
    Some of our friends are DJ’ing after our show at Wrongbar on Friday, and they definitely bring the party.

    Can you tell us one thing about Canada that’s totally just a stereotype? And one thing about Canada that you wish everyone knew?
    Do people think we’re all lumberjacks? It’s only sorta true. I wish everyone knew that Canada has some of the most beautiful women in the world. And that’s the truth.

    What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened at one of your shows? Any stressful equipment or fan meltdowns?
    There have definitely been some stressful moments with broken gear or gear not working. Our setup is sometimes intricate, so we need to trust that it’s going to work, but nothing too bad. Kenji’s visual setup is also pretty intricate, so we’ve learned to set up in 10 minutes. In terms of craziest things, we were playing at this place in Montauk, NY a few weeks ago, and Courtney Love got up on stage after our set and played an acoustic set...that was something.

    Do you guys have any awesome summer travel plans? How do you get to all your shows?
    We’re playing Lollapalooza in July, and then going to Mexico at the end of August! We’re really excited to tour Mexico and play Kenji’s hometown of Guadalajara. We usually tour in our Van, Nebby, and we’ve covered a lot of ground in that Van. It’s cozy, but comfortable.

    Did you see that video of Miley Cyrus on stage with Juicy J? Would you ever let Miley get up on stage with you?
    Helllllls ya we would. How could we say no to that? I would get in the studio with Miley too. I think that would be pretty dope.