• Internet Humor

    Remember how funny the internet was back in 2005? Remember "Drinking Out of Cups?" (That was 2006 but it's close enough, so give me a break.) Getting home after a hard day of high school and hopping onto eBaum's World to see what weirdo videos were cool that week was the teenage equivalent of crackin' into a cold one after work. The internet was really on a roll then—YouTube, anyone?—and it was the beginning of a glorious upswing. If you're celebrating 4/20 this month, these sites might even be a little bit funnier than you remembered. (Or if you're not celebrating, there's a good chance you'll be like "WTF am I looking at here and why was everyone on crack in the mid-'00s?") —Katie

    Remember when that guy got tased at some rally? And he called the cops bro? That's the kind of shit YTMND lived for. "Bro Eyed Don't Tase Me" is a true delight, as well as every other ridiculous thing on this site.

    eBaum's World
    eBaum's world was the spot to watch the dubbed GI Joe videos. "I'm a computer, stop all the downloadin'." Another classic from eBaum's world: This cat video.

    Homestar Runner
    Okay, other things on Homestar Runner are hilarious, but Teen Girl Squad is the most hilarious.

    Badger Badger Badger
    It's pretty special that this website still exists. Bless the internet.