• Interview: Palma Violets

    Last Saturday, October 19, Palma Violets brought their extremely high-energy show to the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, and just before the gig I had the chance to sit down with them (literally, on the red, carpeted floor of the venue) to chat. Vocalist and guitarist Sam Fryer, bassist Chilli Jesson, and resident Palma Violets prophet/merch boy/band's best friend Harry Violent joined me. Here's what they had to say.
    Interview and live photos by Maddie Sensibile.

    Maddie: How's the Rattlesnake Rodeo Tour been treating you so far?
    Chilli: It's been great.
    Sam: It's been up and down.

    Maddie: How was Berkeley yesterday?
    It was one of the ups, definitely.

    Maddie: How does it feel to have such a well-received debut record, and to be so young still? Do you feel happy about it?
    Harry: I'm twenty-two...

    Maddie: I'm about to turn twenty. I know, getting so old.
    Harry: Oh, to be twenty again!

    Maddie: Only two years ago!
    Chilli: Absolutely, it's been really great. Good reaction.
    Harry: Gotta bring it down from the inside, haven't ya?

    You recently released the "Invasion of the Tribbles" single with a special etching on the back, the purple "Best of Friends" vinyl, and the white "We Found Love" single as well. Do you enjoy collecting vinyl?
    Sam: I think it's fantastic. I wouldn't say we're vinyl collectors, but we all have vinyl collections. We're not fanatics, we don't study it.
    Chilli: Our sound guy goes to every city and picks up a little. You also need to have quite a bit of money to get a vinyl collection going, you know what I mean? On tour we need to kind of save our cash to buy food.
    Sam: We've got a good collection, though. A good stash in 180.
    Chilli: Most of mine are from my parents. Some that I've bought. It's building up into a good stash.
    Sam: It's the best way to listen to music, to the ears.

    Maddie: Speaking of all things analog, you guys use social media, but not too much. Do you think it's crucial for a band to have a strong social media presence, or do you think it's okay to keep it minimal?
    Sam: We keep on being told it's crucial.
    Harry: We've been tweeting, though.
    Sam: These guys are trying their best.

    Maddie: How do you feel about Twitter?

    Chilli: Oh. By the way, I deleted it...
    Harry: You deleted it?
    Chilli: So, we had a twitter account, but I woke up this morning and felt like, very anxious...
    Harry: Didn't you tell me something about it this morning? You told me we gained thirty or something.
    Chilli: And then I thought, well then we'll just pull out.
    Harry: We did two tweets.

    Maddie: It was too much for you?
    Sam: We're definitely too sensitive for Twitter, I think.
    Harry: I'm too long winded as well.

    Maddie: You recorded 180 with Steve Mackey of Pulp. Do you want to work with him again?
    Sam: We're big fans. We went to go see them in Sheffield, one of their last shows ever.
    Chilli: Supposed final show, in England, in Britain.
    Harry: Final homecoming show!
    Sam: We're big fans of Pulp, yeah. The future is unwritten as well for album two.

    Palma Violets' drummer, Will Doyle.

    Maddie: Who do you listen to before shows? Any specific things you do?
    Sam: We don't listen to music; we actually just watch interviews. Nick Cave does good interviews, and Jesus and Mary Chain do great interviews. They're actually quite entertaining. That gets us geared up.
    Harry: Sometimes Shrek and Depeche Mode as well.
    Chilli: Yeah, and Zoolander.
    Sam: Sometimes other peoples' music can pollute the soul, so you want to feel your own energy as you head onto the stage, as opposed to somebody else's.

    Maddie: Since you guys are here, what are your favorite things to do in L.A.?
    Chilli: IN 'N OUT BURGER! We've just been.
    Harry: I want to go lick the sand on Venice Beach again.
    Sam: Last time we saw loads of porpoises.
    Harry: Call them dolphins.
    Sam: I was told, "They're not fucking dolphins! They're porpoises!"