• I'm With the Band: Cage the Elephant

    It's no secret that Cage the Elephant are one of rock and roll's biggest names right now; they just released their third album, Melophobia, this past October, and have been on the move ever since. Melophobia is their strongest record yet, with ten solid tracks that will keep you listening over and over. I caught up with rhythm guitarist Brad Shultz last Friday in Ventura, CA just before the band hit the road to play Coachella's second weekend. Maddie

    What were your primary influences when recording Melophobia?
    I think, if there was any influence for me, it would be the local scene in Nashville. There’s a ton of awesome bands that are coming out of Nashville: Jeff the Brotherhood, Bad Cop, Plastic Visions, Ranch Ghost. There’s a really cool music scene in Nashville. I had some time off and I live in Nashville, so I really got into going to local shows and stuff.

    What do you feel is different about this record from your previous records?
    I think it's more in-depth, if that makes sense. It's the closest interpretation of what we envisioned in our minds, what we wanted to achieve musically of the three albums.

    Left, Nick Bockrath and Matt Shultz during the band's encore. Right, Matt Shultz and Brad Shultz backtsage.

    What made you guys want to call it something that means "fear of music"?
    It’s not really a literal use of the word, it's just based on being afraid of creating music under any kind of false pretense.

    What are your three tour essentials?
    Internet [laughs], that’s for sure. And clean socks and underwear.

    What do you guys do to prepare for a gig?
    There’s no kind of ritual that we do, we kind of just hang out and create a good environment as far as just chilling and vibing out and listening to music, just being as relaxed as we can.

    Okay, now tell me three songs you recommend listening to right now:
    Yeah, Broken Bells “Holding on for Life,” Bad Cop “Light On,” and Plastic Visions “Little String.”

    Okay, now choose! East Coast or West Coast?
    I’m going to say central. No coast! Middle of the country, Nashville, TN!

    Crushed or cubed?
    Oh, Sonic ice. The sphere ice, that’s the best.

    Old or new, in terms of music?
    I’ll say new because new is influenced by old, but still pushing forward.

    Clean or dirty?
    What are we talking about?

    Clean. I’m gonna go with clean. I like to be showered and fresh.

    Morning or night?
    Late evening, I like the late evening.