• Ilia lip color

    In my ongoing quest to green my makeup routine, I've come across some everyday keepers (Tarte mascara, Korres mineral powder)—but when it comes to my lips, natural brands haven't quite been up to snuff. I like lip color that's sheer but ultra-bright, and—this is crucial—free of shimmer or wet shine. For that I'd been resigned to some chic but not-so-earthy brands containing parabens, mineral oils, and other drying, chemical crap. Finally, the perfect hybrid is here: Ilia, which makes 85% certified organic, botanical-based lipstick and tinted lip conditioners in vivid, interesting, sparkle-free colors that any Balenciaga-loving, Hanneli-following fashion-phile would be happy to wear. My new staple: Shell Shock, a bright pink-orange that moisturizes like butter and looks like a faint wash of electric Kool-Aid. -Eviana