• Hunk Alert: Ryan Gosling

    Allow us to introduce you to our Hunk of the Day: Ryan Gosling. This up-and-coming actor from Canada caught our eye in the criminally underrated, under-the-radar romance flick The Notebook and looks set to take Hollywood by storm with his dreamy eyes and sensitive charm. You may not have heard of him yet, but trust us, you'll be glad we tipped you off to this megastar-in-the-making. Swoon alert! —Natalie

    Five fun facts about Ryan Gosling
    1. Strapping Ryan is 6'1"
    2. His star sign is Scorpio
    3. Like fellow dream boat Justin Timberlake, Ryan is a graduate of the Mickey Mouse Club
    4. He loves dogs and is a PETA supporter 
    5. The multi-talented actor plays the ukulele