• How To: De-stress After Gravity

    So, no spoilers, but I saw Gravity last week, and it totally deserves all the hype that it's getting. (And no, I don't have any credentials, but let's just ignore that for now, because on the internet, EVERYONE'S OPINION MATTERS!) At one point, I teared up solely because space is so big and my brain like, rejected its existence and cried out of fear. Space is terrible. We all know that. This movie is not terrible, but if you go see it, you might need something to slow your heart rate back down. So here are some space movies that will make you feel warm and cozy, and not like hiding from the sky in a cave until your bones turn to dust. —Katie

    Waaaaaall-E! This movie might paint a bleak picture of Future Earth, but the people out on the space cruise are floating around in chairs, only talking to people on computer screens, and drinking giant sodas, which is basically my dream, so this space movie is all good.

    Galaxy Quest
    Tim Allen in space. Ha hah aha aha.

    Zenon The Girl of the 21st Century
    Wow, if you're ever feeling stressed about space, just pop on Zenon and feel the weight of the world drift away. Does this SEMINAL FILM CLASSIC even exist on DVD? I sure hope so. If you can't find a physical copy of this to soothe your panicked heart, then watching this clip of Protozoa performing "Zoom Zoom Zoom" should be enough to hold you over.

    Men In Black
    At first I meant the movie, but then I remembered how perfect the "Men In Black" music video is. So now I just mean that. Because if you're feeling sad about space after seeing choreographed alien dancing, then something is very wrong.

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    Hitchhiker's deals with a lot of horrifying space things (like aliens and EARTH GETTING BLOWN UP), but it's super hilarious, and with Marvin the Paranoid Android around, the laughs are a mile a minute. HA HA HA, space is a hoot!

    'N Sync "Space Cowboy"
    This is only a lyrics video and not an actual music video (because 'N Sync did not bless us with a music video for this classic), but it is enough. If you've ever wanted to feel the exact opposite of "stressed out about space," then this is the song for you. Because c'mon, guys. If you want to fly, you have to come and take a ride, take a space ride, with the cowboy, baby. (WI-YI-YI-YIPPIE-YI-YAY-YIPPIE-YI-YO-YIPPIE-YI-YO.)