• How To: Create Your Own Zombie Pageant Look

    Can you believe that it is less than two weeks until Halloween? Me either. You're probably scrambling to find your last minute costume or figure out your plans for the night, but don't despair! Hairroin Salon located inside of Space 15 Twenty (1520 N. Caheunga Blvd Ste #2) in Los Angeles has got you covered on both fronts. On Wednesday October 31, Halloween Night, Hairroin will be hosting a Zombie Beauty Pageant that was recently announced. - Maddie

    (Hairroin stylists Luis and Eliza)

    This pageant will require you to go all out for your costume, hair and makeup. Zombie makeup can be fun and all once it is finished, but how is it done in the first place? With the help of two stylists from Hairroin, Luis Payne doing hair, and Eliza Addams on makeup duty, we created two living dead looks that surprisingly took under an hour each! You'll see two looks below: one on me, and on our model Ceilidh that are ready for the pageant! Read below to find out how they were created. Keep in mind that you will need a few tools to create the looks. The makeup wheels that Eliza used can be found at Halloween stores, cinema makeup stores or a regular beauty supply. For your hair, you'll need a crimping iron, hair spray, and a wave iron, which can all be found at a local beauty supply.

    First, I'll let you know how to create these zombie hair looks at home, then your makeup later!

    Look #1: Maddie

    That's me on the left before, and that is me after Luis and Eliza worked their magic. With that hair, I felt like a female Beetlejuice.

    How to create the wild child zombie look: Start at the nape of the neck taking small sections of hair, mist lightly with Not Your Mother's Beat The Heat Thermal Shield Hair Spray. Next, crimp section from roots to ends. repeat this process working up the back of the head just above the ears and just below the temples on each side, this will create a solid perimeter. On the top portion of the head, crimp the base of each section close the the scalp. Use a waving iron and compress the ends to create a wild wave effect. After the top portion is complete, use a strong hold hairspray like Not Your Mother's Miss Freeze Hairspray to finish the style.

    Look #2: Ceilidh

    On the left is Ceilidh before her transformation, and on the right is newly resurrected 1960s housewife Ceilidh.

    How to create the zombie beehive: Section hair from front to back. Start just behind one ear across the top of the head to just behind opposite hear, clip this part away. Then, brush all of the hair in the back section to the top of your crown. Leave out a one inch section at the hair line to crimp later, using your crimping iron from the previous look. Secure this section with elastic, and make sure it is at the highest point of your head. Next, mist your hair with Beat The Heat Thermal Shield Hair Spray section by section and crimp from roots to ends. Be sure to crimp pony tail at the top of the head.

    Back brush crimped pony tail and secure just below elastic with a bobby pin. Back brush the sides at the root, then smooth back and secure. Back brush the top section to desired height and smooth back and secure. Then finish with the Miss Freeze Hairspray spray!

    Now that your hair is done, learn how to do your makeup for either of these looks! The steps are essentially the same for any zombie look. It just depends on what colors you want to use for accenting the paleness.

    How to: Start with a very pale base, and use a makeup sponge to blend it all around your face and upper part of your neck. For my look, Eliza chose red as the accent color, and for Ceilidh she chose purple. With another sponge or brush and the red or purple color, create a contour on your cheekbones and temples. You can also create marks that make it look like your collar bone is exposed. Create the same dark marks around your eyes, and finish off your look with a bit of fake blood! Use a rougher sponge to dab the fake blood around your mouth. For an extra pageant-themed touch, I suggest you add a fun cat eye or some glitter.

    Now that you've learned the tricks, be sure to attend Hairroin's Zombie Beauty Pageant on October 31!

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