• How To Be An Obvious Stoner

    Don't hide your dope fiendin' ways—embrace them! Because YOLO, amirite? —Katie

    Snack 'Til You Barf
    See that pack of Oreos? Hell yes you do! Eat every single one, and then when you're done, smush some chips into that doughnut and eat that, too. And then grab a spoon to finish up that jar of Nutella. I mean, it's practically empty anyway.

    Pink Floyd All Day, Every Day
    "Do you know what the best album of all time is? No, no. I'm not tryin' to hear about The Beatles. It's Dark Side of the Moon, man. Did you ever just like, listen to the whole thing in one sitting? I mean, really listen? With some Winamp visuals? Dude. The Beatles had nothing on Floyd."

    Tapestries Everywhere
    You should have a tapestry on your wall, your bed, the ceiling of your car and the back of your couch, and it's even better if they're all tie-dyed with a picture of a frog giving the peace sign.

    Eyedrops? Who Needs 'Em.
    Toss your eyedrops into that garbage can, guys, because you better believe you don't need them. Going through life with a glassy, red-eyed stare will let everyone know exactly what you've been up to over by the moon tower.

    One Phish Shirt
    You don't need to go crazy, but you need at least one Phish shirt. This looks good when you wear it with that tie-dye bandanna you have.

    Jim Morrison Poster
    A Jim Morrison poster, preferably this one, and preferably purchased outside your dorm room on the quad the first day back from summer vacation.