• House Visit: Sarah Greenhaw

    Venture into the living spaces of our Urban Outfitters employees!  This week we visit the apartment of Sarah Greenhaw, the District Merchandising Manager for the state of Florida.

    Hey Sarah! Where do you live?
    I live just South of Downtown (SoDo) in the Lake Davis area of Orlando, Florida. Downtown Orlando is super charming (trust me when I say there is much more to Orlando than Disney World!). I've only been living in Florida for about six months now and I moved here by myself from Dallas, TX to continue working with UO. 

    Tell us a little bit about your building.
    My building only has six units and is 1940s art deco. It is a little gem in the middle of a neighborhood. I was sold on the hardwood floors, french glass doors, tons of windows, and the cute little windows over the bedroom doors. My building is filled with old ladies who like to drink wine and do pranic healing exercises in the park at night and I sometimes join them!

    What do you love most about where you live?
    I love living close enough to downtown to walk or bike over, but far enough to not have to deal with the loud crowds at night. There's a big park across the street from my building and a lake on either side of the park. Also, most of my area has brick streets and little lamp posts with American flags hanging on them—seriously, the cutest.

    What are some of your favorite spots nearby?
    Across one of the lakes, is a little wine and sandwich shop called Mills Market with a nice patio. Just down the street into Downtown is an area called Thornton Park, which has cute restaurants and shops. A few minutes away is the coolest little bar, Stardust Coffee in Winter Park (complete with a photobooth!). They just had a Wes Anderson themed costume party there, complete with awesome props. They also host a little farmer's market there once a month with local produce and artists selling their goods.

    Who is that cute little cat running around?
    My cat, Nerd, is constantly by my side (as you can see in every picture). He's about nine years old and I've had him for almost four years. I am obsessed with him and think he's happy to be the center of my attention. 

    Where do you usually shop for interiors and home goods?
    I shop mainly at thrift stores or flea markets for my house. I even bought a garage sale off of an elderly couple a month ago for $275! It was filled with lots of useless stuff (like 10 different antique potato mashers), but I scored the nice '40s pink little couch in my sunroom and a cool clawfoot chair. So worth it! I have a good mix of both new and vintage throughout my apartment. 

    Which do you like more: new or vintage?
    I prefer to buy vintage, because I like that things have stories behind them. I also don't feel as guilty if things get beat up a little if they were vintage. I like the lived in, loved on feeling. 

    What's the most prized possession you own in your house?
    My most prized possession is my old piggy bank. It was my Grandma's and I was incredibly close to her. It reminds me of her house and I used to love playing with it when I was little. Besides Nerd, it's the only thing I'd take with me in a fire! Well, that and as many of my clothes and shoes I could grab in a flash. 

    What room do you hang out the most in?
    I typically hang out in the sunroom most of the time I'm home, reading magazines, looking at blogs, and listening to records in there. All with the windows open and looking out at the lake. It's kind of magical and I still get excited when I look out the window and see palm trees. 

    We love your vanity and all your accessories. Do you have any methods of organization?
    Everything that's on top of my vanity is stuff that I wear frequently. I have a lot of jewelry, and if something isn't in plain sight, I forget about it. I try to keep rings, earrings, and bracelets all separated in different little dishes I've collected. The necklaces I wear daily are hanging on little nails right next to the vanity, and the ones I wear less often are hanging on nails inside my closet. 

    We spot a Patti Smith book in your bookcase. What are some of your favorite books, records, or artists?
    I like a lot of music from the '70s, and older country.  Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks is my idol), Creedence Clearwater Revival, Willie Nelson, the Rolling Stones, and Johnny Cash. If it's something new, it's typically Black Mountain, Beach House, Bon Iver, Edward Sharpe, Justin Townes Earle, or my guilty pleasure, Drake. I'm kind of a historical ficitionalized novel fan when it comes to books, like ones about Marie Antoinette or Catherine of Aragon, that are most likely completely untrue and sorta trashy. I also like to re-read classics, like Wuthering Heights, The Outsiders, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Pride and Prejudice, and The Great Gatsby. Totally nerdy. 

    Can you tell us about that display artist woodwork?
    Most of the art in my apartment was made or given to me by friends. I have a lot of ceramic pieces by one of my best lady friends, Jenn, and I also tend to collect things from the creative people I'm around at work. James Woodhead is a display artist for UO in Portland and he made this bison piece. I'm extremely interested in the Native American culture (being from Oklahoma and a very small percent of Comanche Indian helps), so I instantly snatched that up when I saw it. 

    I also like rocks, and like to collect them from every place I visit. The Oklahoma rose rock is my favorite, and the legend is that the rocks were formed from the Indian's tears that fell along the 'Trail of Tears' where it ended in Oklahoma. 

    Cute kitchen, are you a big cook? What's your favorite dish to make or eat?
    The kitchen is one of my favorite places in my apartment because it's charmingly not updated with its black and white tile floor and glass cabinets. I wish I could say I used it more often, but since I'm traveling during the week for work, I don't get to much. I can make a really good spinach artichoke dip though, and can throw a mean party with some nice cocktails. And I bake almost every Sunday. It's relaxing.

    We noticed a few owls around. Why are you drawn to them?
    I used to be a big owl collector, but only vintage since they are so mass produced now-a-days. I've been collecting them for about 10 years and it got worse when I was in a sorority in college with the owl as our mascot. I have about 30 different figurines, knick-knacks, owl artwork—it's sort of insane. I like that they are solitary creatures, and my love was only solidified once I got into Harry Potter. Magical creatures that are used to deliver mail? That's awesome.

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