• House Visit: Brigid Andrews

    Venture into the living spaces of our Urban Outfitters employees!  This week we visit the apartment of Brigid Andrews, the women's branded collections buyer.

    Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hi hi! I’m Brigid Andrews. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I live in Center City Philadelphia. I have the very awesome job of being the women’s branded collections buyer (like MINKPINK, Insight, Cheap Monday, Obey, and Around The World). I also buy the chic’s graphic tees and sweatshirts.

    How long have you been living in your space?

    For about two years. I got my place through a friend in the buying team who also lived in the building. It seems like everyone at Urban home office has lived here or has a friend in this building.

    What's your favorite part about living in that area?
    The location! I don’t drive so I can walk everywhere and the subway is super close. Some good local spots are Good Dog (ask for Zach), Mcglinchey’s, and Oscar's. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll go to Dandelion or Village Whiskey for their killer burger.

    How would you describe your apartment?
    It’s a giant wardrobe filled with clothes, shoes, jewelry, art, magazines and pictures of my mates back in Oz.

    Do you collect anything in particular in your apartment?
    Art, books, skate decks, and post cards from my travels.

    Do you skate?
    The skateboards and decks are collectables. My “real” skateboards are in storage in Australia. My friends work in the industry so mate rates always help. I think I have about 150 decks now. Back in the day I could skate (not very well, so my friends tell me). I really do wish more girls would take up skateboarding. I secretly love watching skate videos. Boys + Skating = HOT.

    Where are some of your favorite places to shop for home products?
    The Chapel Street Bazaar in Melbourne, the Lost & Found Market in Collingwood, and the Camberwell Sunday Market. In the States: the Brooklyn Flea, the Rosebowl Flea Market and Urban of course!

    What are some of your favorite knick-knacks and pieces of furniture you have around your apartment?
    My Danish coffee table, which came from Australia with me to Philly—you can use the cushions underneath as seats. Also my three vintage folding chairs that my bestie Sam sold to me for four dollars when she moved to NYC. The things I love most in my apartment have come from my friends. 

    You have tons of art, books, and magazines in your space, who are a few of your favorite artists? Favorite magazines? Books?
    David Griggs, Sean Gladwell, and Ben Quilty are amazingly talented young Australian Artists. I read Jalouse, Russh, and French Vogue. As for my favorite books, there are too many to name! I’m currently reading about the works of Ryan McGinness and Making it Up As We Go Along, a book on the Founders of Dazed & Confused Magazine.

    What's the most sentimental thing you own in your apartment?
    It’s totally sappy, but definitely the framed photos of my beautiful friends and family around the world. I have missed four weddings, one funeral and maybe seven babies—seriously! My photos are perfect for the short spells of homesickness.

    We spotted Grimes in your record player. How big is your record collection
    My record collection is random much like my taste in music. Give me some Biggie and a dance floor and I’m happy. My records are second hand or from Urban.

    You have quite an extensive closet. Where do most of your items come from?
    “Extensive” is one way to describe it. I’m lucky that buying has enabled me travel to many places (like London, Stockholm, Paris, Copenhagen, Tokyo, New York, and Sao Paulo) so my clothes usually come from everywhere.

    What are some of your favorite pieces of clothing?
    1. Red Shoes from Swedish brand Rodebjer.
    2. My camo jacket. It’s vintage from American Rag.
    3. My Mickey Mouse sweater. It’s vintage from Urban.
    4. My Isabel Marant dress.
    5. My silver coat.
    6. My white studded boots. They’re sassy, cheap, and cheery!

    Where do you find most of your jewelry?
    I have also been a jewelry buyer so I accumulated most of my trinkets then. Most of my jewelry is vintage but the pieces I’m wearing a lot these days are from Joomi Lim and Verameat. The fingers broke off my Astrological Jewelry Stand when there was too much jewelry stacked on it and it toppled over. I think that’s a bad sign!

    If we walked into your apartment unannounced, what would we catch you doing?
    Dancing in my apartment to Biggie while trying to figure out what to wear, or sitting with my computer trying to find new iPhone covers online (my current obsession). Nerd alert!

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