• Homebody: Bianca Green

    DENY Designs is a constantly changing collective of talented artists, one of whom is Bianca Green. Bianca's cozy DENY textiles are currently being sold online at Urban Outfitters, so we decided to find out a little more about her and what she does to keep cozy during the winter months in her home city, Berlin. —Katie

    Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    I am an artist, dreamer and color addict. Born in Rio de Janeiro, I lived in San Francisco, Montevideo and now back in Berlin. My passion for travel allows me to get inspiration from all over the world. But I do not only travel to countries. In my mind, I travel to places that don’t have names. I enjoy combining reality with fantasy, creating images that will color your life and hopefully make you happy.

    Which design from your DENY x UO collab is your favorite?
    I love them all but as a travel addict, I would say the “LOUIS ARMSTRONG TOLD US SO” Duvet Cover. You fall asleep and dream about all the wonderful places you want to travel to, or remember the lovely ones you’ve already visited. That way you will definitely wake up with a smile on your face.

    Who are three of your favorite artists?
    Olaf Hajek, Alfons Mucha, Frida Kahlo.

    What are some things you do to make your own home cozier in the colder months?
    I have a lot of pillows and blankets on my sofa and bed. So cuddling up is a must. I also love tea all year round, but when it gets cold outside, I tend to drink even more. I bought this beautiful old “grandma” teapot from the flea market, so my tea tastes a little better now.

    Any amazing thrift shops or flea markets near you?
    Yes, yes, yes! I have been to all flea markets in my area. The most famous one is basically my backyard: the “Mauerpark Flohmarkt” is a must-visit here in Berlin. But my favorite is at Akronaplatz; it’s tiny but it has the most amazing treasures. I bought my kitchen table, a stool, a side table for my printer and many, many vintage picture frames there.

    Where are some of your favorite cold/colder-weather spots in your city?
    Home. When it’s super cold and rainy outside, I like to stay in, drink lots of tea and eat good food. If it’s just cold and not raining, I like going out for dinner with friends, movies or to book stores. They tend to heat up the stores so you feel comfy, sit down to read and sometimes get lost.

    When you’re curled up at home for the night, what do you like to do?
    Draw, sew, read, watch movies and drink more tea.

    What’s your favorite comfort food?
    Chocolate cookies, hot chocolate, chocolate soufflé, chocolate ice cream, chocolate muffins, chocolate brownies, chocolate cake, AND pure chocolate.