• Hayseed's Big City Farm Supply

    So you live in Brooklyn, you dream of growing kale on your fire escape and herding honeybees on your roof, and yet you can't seem to keep even a potted cactus alive. Where to turn? You, would-be homesteader, are not alone—and now, you have a spiritual home in Hayseed's Big City Farm Supply. Starting this month and running until the end of June, the pop-up store in northern Greenpoint is dedicated to the growing art of urban farming, stocking everything you need to start a city garden (organic soil, tools) and a few things you might not (heirloom tobacco seeds, rabbit feed). With classes and workshops on subjects including backyard livestock, mushroom growing, and worm composting, Hayseed's looks set to be as much social hub as supply store. Hee-haw it ain't. -Eviana