• Happenings: Bookmobile Project

    Our friends who started The Bookmobile Project are currently hosting a Kickstarter campaign to produce a book that chronicles their time spent on the Bookmobile from 2001-2005. The Bookmobile Project was an annual touring exhibition of artist books, zines, and independent publications hoping to spread their love of print to various corners of the globe. Traveling by way of a vintage Airstream, the Bookmobile visited a variety of venues in Canada and the US, and a group of coordinators traveling with the exhibition facilitated a series of workshops, artist talks, and educational forums. The project exposed thousands of visitors to a unique collection of independently produced book works and collaborations, and the book hopes to do the same. As a project that was partially based in Philadelphia, this one is close to our hearts!

    If you'd like to see The Bookmobile Project reach their goal, you can pledge a monetary donation over on their Kickstarter page. Any amount past their goal will just ensure that the book will be even bigger and better than they could have hoped for. We have no doubt that the book is going to be amazing, and are so excited to see this project find its way to a larger group of people.