• Got it Together: Nicholas Hoult

    Prediction for 2013: Nicholas Hoult — more commonly known as Tony from Skins series one, the only Skins that matters and the greatest teen drama of all time — finally blows up in the states.


    Sure, I thought the same thing in 2009 when Tom Ford gave Tony a role in A Single Man and subsequently tapped him for his eyewear campaign, but it didn’t happen. America wasn’t ready. Then I was sure it was finally Tony’s year when he played Beast in X-Men: First Class, but alas, he disappeared for another few years.


    But in 2013 Tony is starring in both Warm Bodies and Jack the Giant Slayer, two mediocre looking big budget Hollywood films, and that’s just what we Americans love! After this summer I predict a role in one of those holiday themed ensemble romcoms, then an Oscar nod for a starring role in a breakout indy. Hopefully after that he starts dating Emma Watson and together the two bring a bit of British class to the young Hollywood scene. Fingers crossed.–Angelo