• Got it Together: Charlie Sheen

    Although the phrase "winning" may still seem fresh in your mind, it has been almost two years since the kind of insane Charlie Sheen completely lost it. After being fired from his television show and having went through a messy divorce, the news surfaced that he was now clean of his drug abuse, and, well, he gave a particularly memorable interview on national television where he proved the news true, and coined some absolutely ridiculous phrases that were worthy of being printed on T-shirts. Between all of this madness and supposed constant partying, he even managed to go on a national tour of sorts to preach his philosophy of "winning," where he tried to convince people he was a "warlock" and drank tiger blood. Okay, Sheen.

    Needless to say, his meltdown is one of the most memorable celebrity freakouts in history, but I'm pretty sure Charlie Sheen has actually gotten his shit together since then. He's been out of the news for a while until recently, when the trailer for his new movie, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, came out. The people Sheen worked with on this movie, like Roman Coppola, Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman are all people who DO have their shit together, which convinces me that Charlie is on the right track at this point. I'm kind of thinking this movie will be the deciding factor in Charlie's comeback as a normal, calm human being. It comes out this week, so we'll see!Maddie