• Girl Power: The Girlfriends of Seinfeld

    If Jerry’s string of girlfriends is anything to go by, a sense of humor really hooks the ladies (well, it certainly wasn’t those high-waisted jeans, the poufy mullet or fear of commitment, now was it?). In fact, Seinfeld proved quite the launching pad for TV’s blue chip babes. Here, we pay tribute to Jerry’s little black book. -Natalie

    Jane Leeves (who later went on to find fame as Frasier’s housekeeper, Daphne) makes her first appearance as the sweet virgin Maria who gets schooled in sex by Elaine, only to become embroiled the next episode in Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine’s quest to become “masters of their domain.”

    Before she taught us The Bend and Snap, Jennifer Coolidge played a masseuse who refuses to give Jerry a massage, meanwhile attracting the obsessive attention of George.

    Terri Hatcher (looking flawless in a skin-tight bodysuit and 501s) had her assets questioned when Jerry suspected her breasts were fake. All together now: "By the way, they’re real and they’re spectacular."

    Courtney Cox gets caught out when she poses as Jerry’s wife in order to take advantage of his dry cleaning discount.

    Janeane Garofalo (who made it as far as fiancé status) gets the boot when Jerry discovers they’re eerily alike.

    Sex and the City’s Charlotte York would never be caught with such a doofus, but as Seinfeld’s girlfriend Jenna, Kristin Davis winds up using a toothbrush that, unbeknownst to her, Jerry accidentally dropped down the toilet. Ewww.

    Amanda Peet plays a demanding waitress who briefly dates Jerry during the Summer of George, while Marcia Cross was chastised by Seinfeld for popping her pimples. Speaking of George Costanza, his girlfriends deserve and honorable mention (in fact, he clocked up 43 lady friends over the course of nine seasons), including Megan Mullally, Maggie Wheeler, and—who can forget?—Marisa Tomei, playing herself.