• Girl Meets World

    Just in case you haven't heard, there's going to be a spin-off of Boy Meets World called Girl Meets World. (Has this been breaking news on CNN? Because this shit is important.) Apparently, Rider Strong/"Shawn Hunter" is not going to be a regular character (travesty, much?), but he did write a beautiful statement about his time with Boy Meets World, and I might have cried just a tiny bit reading it. So far, only Ben Savage/"Cory Matthews" and Danielle Fishel/"Topanga!" are signed on at this point, but that's okay because I think they deserve to become relevant again. I'm 75% nervous about how much this could potentially suck, but that other 25% of me hopes that this show becomes just as magical as the first one. While we wait to see how this pans out, let's all tweet at Rider Strong to tell him how cute he still is. Shawn Hunter forever! -Katie