• Getting Your Shit Together

    This month our mantra is "GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER," but since it's only January 7th, let's not get too overeager about this. Here are a few things that will help us ease into a more productive 2013.—Katie

    Mini Recipe Box
    Remember how you wanted to make more home-cooked meals? These may not be quinoa recipes, but at least they'll help you cook at home more.

    Spiral Notebook
    God, there is a joke in here somewhere about the fact that a paper notebook is referencing the internet, but it's Monday and I'm tired so: USE THIS NOTEBOOK TO QUIT SURFIN' THE NET AND WRITE YOUR PAPER.

    Magnadate Calendar
    This calendar is great because it's magnetic so even if you forget to change it until June 2013, at least you're not wasting all that paper.

    Nasty Notepad
    Don't forget to do that shit, man!

    Envelope Organizer Wall Hook
    Organizing mail and keys is like, the bane of everyone's existence (or is that just me?), so maybe this cute little wall hook will keep us from losing our keys in our beds for the trillionth time. (But it probably won't.)