• Get Your Shit Together: Your Internet Presence

    Maintaining a good internet presence is hard work. You want to have funny tweets and only have photos of yourself taken of your "good side" uploaded to internet and keep up with your Workaholics fan fiction blog all at the same time! But how do you do it all?! It's all going to be okay because starting this 2013 you can get your internet presence organized and into shape with these tips below! - Hazel

    Curate Your Photos
    Make sure all photos of yourself currently online depict your, new 2013 self: a super interesting and awesome person. If you aren't a super interesting and awesome person, that's totally fine because the internet is an excellent tool that you can use to lie about yourself. Have someone take polaroids of you fronting a punk band or beekeeping on a Bushwick rooftop. Woah, your 2013 self looks awesome on the internet. 

    Re-think Your Tweeting, Status-Updating, Checking In
    When it comes to your updates, whether you're tweeting, updating your status, checking in at a location, always make sure that what you're posting is relevant and you think people will want to read. If you've been posting things like "alone and crying while watching Roseanne" or letting people see that you've checked into McDonalds three times a day, every day, for the past 12 months, you might wanna rethink what you're posting. Edit yourself for 2013!

    Start A Blog!
    Start a blog and keep it rolling. Everyone and their grandmother has a blog these days. Blogging can be really fun and super easy. The trick to having a great blog is updating it often with great content. Pick a day and remember to at least upload a blog that one day. At the Urban Outfitters blog, all the contributors get sent carrier pigeons at different intervals during the day to tell us when to blog. You can just use an iCal alert. Whether your blog is just a diary or a themed blog, it's a new hobby to start your '13 off productively!

    Check Your 'Net Self, Before You Wreck Your 'Net Self
    Limit your internet usage time. Having an internet presence is fun but don't let it consume you. We all know that person who can't get off the 'net. Get out and see nature and not Instagram it. Go see your friends and not check-in at Foursquare. You don't have to live a net-free 2013, but live a balanced 2013, or you'll end up like this chick below.