• Get It Together: Manti Te'o

    I hope you've all seen Notre Dame football player Manti Te'o's story by now, but if not, make sure you read it. It's basically the ultimate catfish. It's about sports and stuff, but like, only slightly. Mostly it's about how Manti either got super catfished or is super catfishing everyone. It's 100% gold. All I have to say to you, Manti, is that if you legitimately got catfished, you have no excuse. It is 2013, son. Skype exists, you know. You could have found out if your Twitter girlfriend was real simply by clicking a button. It's so easy! My mom knows how to Skype! Laptops all have cameras now! There's no excuse!!! Since you were probably in on the whole thing, though, get it together, dude. Again, it is 2013. People were obviously going to find out. Maybe ESPN didn't Google your fake girlfriend's name, but it wasn't long before someone did. You learned the hard way that the internet always wins.—Katie