• Get It Together: How To Not Procrastinate

    We all know what procrastination is because we all do it. We put off things until last minute and then let things pile up on our desks until we have a mini, hysterical melt-down an hour before your deadline. Or, maybe that's just me? Anyway, procrastination CAN be stopped with some extra effort and a few simple tips that will help get your work ethic and shape and your eye on the prize (getting shit done on time). -Hazel

    Create A Rad To-Do List
    Always have a to-do list. Whether it's the "Reminders" app on your iPhone (those Apple people know what they're doing; they made the iPod!), a stickie note, or whatever, having a to-do list where you actively list the things you need to do and cross them off when you're done will help you keep your priorities straight. When you list your things to-do list them in order of importance or how time-consuming they will be and get the first one done off your list. Decorating said to-do list with cute stickers wouldn't hurt either because looking at a long, long list of tasks can be hellah daunting.

    Schedule Your Time
    You don't have to get everything done in one day! Unless you do, and even then it's okay because there's this magical thing called scheduling. On your to-do list (which you've just made, right?) next to each task write down how much time you're going to spend on it. From 2:00pm - 3:00pm, you'll clean your room. From 3:00pm - 4:00pm you'll go out and buy me McDonalds. This method works great! Seriously though, go get me McDonalds.

    Get Rid of Distractions
    When you work, work in a place where, say, your friends aren't having an awesome rager two feet away from your desk. Clear your desks of slinkies, adorable pug puppies, and crossword puzzles. And, yes, of course you need to get off the internet. "But I'm on the Internet all day for my cool blogging job!" you cry. Don't fret! Download the app Self Control for your computer and you can pick and choose which websites you want to block and how long you want them blocked. After you block them they will be blocked for that time and you can't change it, even if you turn your computer off.

    Getting Things Done Now Means More Time For Fun Stuff Later!
    There is nothing more sad then having to say no to things (parties! hangouts! dates with Ryan Gosling!) because you have to do work, work you should have done ages ago. When you do your work as soon as you can it leaves room open in your schedule to do things you actually want to do! 

    Getting Shit Done Feels GOOD
    It does! No matter how small (washing the dishes, taking your old nail polish off) or big (starting your gourmet cupcake business, successfully breeding dinosaurs for a theme park) accomplishing a task and crossing it off the to-do list feels really satisfying. 

    Now look at you! Good work!