• Get It Together: Catfishing

    There's been a lot of catfish talk recently, what with the Manti Te'o scandal and all, and I'm consistently surprised by all these stories that are coming out. Actually, the most surprising thing of all is that a show like Catfish even exists in this day and age. How are so many people being duped? I mean, maybe it's not that surprising because humans get lonely, yo, and will maybe turn a blind eye in the hopes of finding true love, but still! Don't let yourself get catfished! Protect your heart. Unless you're really into Nev because, let's face it, he's pretty hot and if having a tragic online affair is what it will take for him to show up at my doorstep, then I'm down.—Katie

    Unless you are really old or really young (like, 2 and below or 96 and above), you should know how to use Skype. If someone tells you that they can't Skype you, they are lying because literally every computer in the entire world has a webcam now and even if they don't, you can go to the store to buy one of those whack-ass attachable ones for like, $13. If you are truly trying to lay the foundation to a beautiful, online relationship, you gotta use Skype. No exceptions.

    Phone Calls
    Okay, if you've decided not to listen to me and you have a partner who won't Skype and you're forging ahead anyway, you at least need to talk on the phone. If they have a weird voicemail, or never answer, or sound suspiciously like your 15-year-old neighbor, abandon ship. Nothing good will come from this.

    Oh, so you tried to call them and it rang 40 times before going to something that sort of sounded like a voicemail but wasn't? That's not suspicious at all! If you're still determined to make this happen, give them a little text to see if they'll meet up with you. While they're busy texting you back to say they're too busy to meet because they're shopping in Paris, you get Nev on the phone, and you get him quick. There is literally no way this is going to work out in your favor, so you might as well have your 15 minutes of fame immortalized on MTV.