• Get Gifted: Maitri's Wish List!

    Get Gifted: Maitri's Wish List

    Ah, Christmas-time—a season that makes me very bitter because I am an atheist from a Hindu family so I’ve never done the gifting or getting. Luckily my birthday comes not long after, so I always try to treat myself to a few things. Because I suffer from severe buyer’s remorse, I made a very concerted effort to convince myself all the items on my wish list are practical or reasonable in one way or another. (Spoiler alert: they are neither.) Maitri

    1. This Is How You Lose Her
    This stunning illustrated version of Junot Diaz' latest masterpiece is just outrageous. GIVE IT HERE!

    2. Paddywax Apothecary Candle in Vetiver and Cardamom

    "I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany."

    3. Soap Revolt Organic Solid Lotion Bar

    'Tis the season for my eczema to take it to the next level. I love the no-nonsense packaging of this hand cream. Lavender scent to relax ya.

    4. Urbanears Headphones in Berry

    It's almost the year 2014 and I still don't know how to make earbuds stay in my ears, so I'm making the switch to headphones. I like the monochrome pink - it's berry cute, ha ha ha. I'll use these to pretend I'm listening to hip jams on the L train when really I'll be listening to Harry Potter on audiobook.

    5. Zodiac Nameplate Necklace
    To declare to all the world that I am a stubborn little seagoat and I can't be tamed. [Editor's note: As hard as I tried, Polyvore would not let me pull in the Capricorn necklace. Stubborn indeed.]

    6. Deena & Ozzy Tassel Square Backpack
    Bulky winter coats are not conducive to shoulder bags. I like this little square shape with the tassel zippers. Very Ten Things I Hate About You.

    7. Fashion Flap Journal

    A new year, a new journal! Ideally when I start new diaries I hope to fill them with my dreams, desires, insecurities, mixed with poems and sketches - a stream of consciousness self-portrait. But eventually they just degenerate into scratchy to-do lists and bewildered questions to myself like, "Did I pay my credit card bill?! Check on this!!!" At lease this journal is beautiful and stately with a pen-holder so it will always look dignified even when the contents are not.

    8. Moon Bath Light

    This precious ball of ambient light shaped like the moon just delights me!