• Get Gifted: Ally's Wish List!

    Get Gifted: Ally's Wish List

    With my birthday being the day before Christmas, I always get asked if I get screwed over when it comes to getting gifts. The answer depends: Are you going to buy me a gift if I say yes? Because if so… YES! I get totally ripped off! Look at poor lil' Ally, getting cheated every year. If you feel bad and want to buy me gifts to make up for it, below is my wish list for this year (I especially want the shoes). Ally

    1. Wildfox Couture Lolita Sunglasses

    The tint on these shades look just like twilight and would look perfect for a day at the beach, checking out babes. Also, the shape of the frames put out a youthful, fun look so you'll look approachable — even if you're surrounded by your girlfriends.  Sigh, is it summer yet?

    2. UNIF Lore Velvet Hat
    Velvet, floppy and red? It's like my heart but in the form of a hat! This totally reminds me of all the legendary groupies from the late '60s and '70s — their style, beauty and power over their rockstar prey that they'd snag (or shag) for all of America to see. GIRL POWER!

    3. BAGGU Leather Drawstring Bag

    Spring break forever… seriously! I am still SUCH a huge Spring Breakers fan that my BFF gave me her special hot pink unicorn mask. I would cry through it but WWBBV? (BBV is our affectionate term for Vanessa Hudgens.) She wouldn't drop a single tear unless it was for Alien.

    4. Jeffrey Campbell Mulder Treaded Platform Boot
    These give me a cool but tough military vibe like: Stand up straight, ya wimp.  They command power, respect and should be feared! I wouldn't want to get kicked in the butt by these babies.

    5. Butterfly Specimen Poster
    Before I knew what a tramp stamp was, I was obsessively in love with butterflies. As a kid, my mother had coasters with wooden rims and glass-encased butterflies within them. I played with them as much as my Barbie! (BTW did you know the Queen Alexandra [cough… full name… cough] is the largest butterfly in the world? They're supes valuable and I want one!)