• Ben Kopp

    Friday the 13th Tattoos

    It's Friday the 13th so you know what that means... it's time to dig through your couch and old purses for some change to take to TD Bank, so you can scrounge up enough money to get a $13 tattoo of something FT13th-inspired!  

    We know tattoos last like, a really long time or whatever, so to make it easier for you to choose on this super-duper-stitious day, our lovely team in the art department have provided us with awesome designs to share with you! 

    It's simple: Just print one of these bad boys out, take it to your local parlor, and get it tattooed on you! We suggest your face as the best possible spot.

    P.S. If you DO happen to get one done, please send us an email of it at blog@urbanout.com! —Ally

    This tattoo will remain timeless as your body withers away and dies.

    And it's only 13 calories!

    What a tough pussy.


    I feel like I just lost 10 years of my life by just POSTING this last one.

    Ben Sifel
    2 cute 2 resist. Seriously, try to tell me with a straight face you don't want this right now.