• Friday Download: November 15, 2013

    This week I'm all over the place with these clippings, but they're still sure to help you kill at least an hour at work. Plus, I totally reference that Space Jam website that's straight outta '96, and that alone will keep you entertained for a solid ten minutes, guaranteed. Katie

    Mary-Kate and Ashley, Killin' It
    Mary-Kate and Ashley both have covers for the Dec. Allure! This is great. They are great. They're apparently making fancy perfumes now (Nirvana Black and Nirvana White), and I for one will be lining up at Sephora to buy both of them as soon as they're released. And then I will sneak into Mary-Kate's house in the night to steal her eyebrows off her face.

    Alexa Chung's Eyeko collab
    Speaking of beautiful, talented ladies, Alexa Chung launched her Eyeko collab this week, and looked damn good doing it. Although the collab is currently only available to purchase in-store at Selfridges, we'll be able to get it at beauty counters here in the U.S. at the beginning of 2014, so it's best to prepare ourselves. I'm down with anything that could possibly take me one step closer to looking like Alexa.

    Phoenix "Chloroform" Video
    Here's the Sofia Coppola-directed Phoenix video that we've been hearing rumblings of for the last couple of months. It's beautifully shot, and every girl's reaction in the crowd is basically the way I react at a One Direction concert, so A+ for authenticity.

    Matthew Schuler "Hallelujah"
    If you haven't been watching The Voice this season, then you've been missing out. Although I actually have no idea when this show airs live (doesn't it seem like it always airs on a different day? Am I just getting worse at television in my old age?), it's always a treat when I catch it, specifically for Matt Schuler, the cute little human you see just above. He has the voice of an angel. A handsome, handsome angel. This week he sang "Hallelujah" and actual angels cried and it was all very emotional.

    Pro-tip: Turn his studio version up as loud as you can and BELT AWAY, PALS. If you feel like nerding out as hard as I did this week over Show Tunes and Beautiful Male Voices, then I suggest also listening to this Jeremy Jordan song from the now-defunct Smash.

    30 for 30: The Space Jam Game
    Okay, ignore that this is from Yahoo, the Mom News Site of the internet, because this fake documentary about the Space Jam game is pretty incredible. Very glad that people spent time and money producing this. Space Jam will never die.