• Friday Download: January 3, 2014

    It's officially 2014, which means we will all finally be getting flying cars, phones surgically attached to our eyeballs and pizza that regenerates itself. Or, at least, that's what I'm hoping anyway. Is this the 21st century or not? Jeez. Anyway, here are some great internet happenings to help ring in the new year. Katie

    1. The tweet that broke the internet
    Safiyyah Nawaz, a totally normal and hilarious teen, tweeted out a joke on New Year's Day (posted above) stating how the earth is now 2014 years old. Randomly and in true internet fashion, that tweet blew up until people were literally telling her to kill herself. She handled the whole thing adorably, and even got a tweet from her idol Snoop Lion in the process. Looks like internet trolls lose this one, and hilarious teens come out on top. As it should be.

    2. Sky Ferreira & Ariel Pink "My Molly"
    Will never pass up a chance to post about our angel princess Sky! (I am still missing the blonde hair, though. RIP, RIP.)

    3. New on Netflix
    There's not much happening in the way of new music this week, so instead let's turn to ol' reliable: Netflix. Vulture compiled a nice list of shows and movies that have been added to the site this month. All the better to waste away 2014 with, my dear. (American Psycho is one of those offerings. Score.)

    4. Tavi interviews Lorde
    Longread, longread! Over on Rookie, Tavi interviewed Lorde. The whole feature is eleven pages long and very conversational, so it's pretty awesome. Love interviews like this, especially between two peers. (And props to whoever sat down and transcribed the whole thing.)