• Friday Download: January 17, 2014

    Man, January is such a wasteland. Everyone's cold, and cranky, and there are barely any new pop songs for me to listen to. (Luckily it's almost February, month of discounted Juju hearts and everlasting love.) Here are some things from this past week that make everything a liiittle bit better. Katie

    1. Kate Moss is 40

    Kate Moss turned 40 yesterday, and both her and Jennifer Aniston need to let me come drink from whatever Fountain of Youth they're guzzling from. Kate Moss especially, because she smokes like a chimney, and has the skin of a newborn babe. This is a perfect time to look back through her old campaigns. (And look at how many presents she got.)

    2. Charli XCX "Allergic To Love"
    Our gal Charli has released a new song titled "Allergic to Love". It's super short, but it's just enough to hold us over until her new album comes out.
    (via Pitchfork)

    3. 15 of This Year's Most Intriguing Sundance Films
    To offset all that Oscar buzz, Vulture put out a list of movies they're looking forward to seeing at Sundance. Curious to see the reviews on these. (Like, remember that Zach Braff Kickstarter movie? That's happening.)

    4. Final 285 Kent Shows

    If you're in BK, might be worth it to check out some of the final shows happening over at 285 Kent. RIP, buddy.

    5. Shakira "Can't Remember To Forget You" (Feat. Rihanna)
    Not sure how I personally feel about this song yet, but it feels wrong not to mention the collab between these two ladies. Listen to it here. Maybe once the video comes out, I'll start feelin' it a little more.