• Friday Download: January 10, 2014

    January is a quiet time for music videos and like, anything really, but I still managed to find some great (and "mostly great") stories from this past week to keep our pop culture brain juices flowin'. Enjoy! Katie

    1. Coachella lineup announced
    At this point you've probably already seen the lineup for Coachella, and that those Outkast rumors were real, but hey, tickets go on sale today and we're excited. (Even though I feel like I'm still tired from festival season last year...) I'm also feeling, like, proud of AFI for hanging in there so long. You're doing it, guys.

    2. Katy B "Story of My Life"

    Katy B covered One Direction's "Story of My Life" and it's incredible. Our music director emailed this to me earlier in the week, and I think my email back just said "WEEPING." Which is an accurate response for most stuff that happens to me in my life.

    3. New Grimes album

    There will be a new Grimes album coming out September 9th. That's about all the info we have at this point, but IT'S ENOUGH. Get excited!

    4. Lucy Hale "You Sound Good to Me"
    (Shh, I'm sneaking this garbage song onto the end of this list so it's not as obvious that I have terrible taste in things.) When I first heard Lucy Hale (from PLL!) (shut up, you love it) had a fresh new single out, I had no idea what I was in for. Haven't heard this yet? You should. It's the most delightful, soothing country-pop ever made. And the video is so good. Classic, even. Friends in a convertible! A tan country boy catching things with his strong arms! People using a real paper map! Bless.