• Friday Download: February 14, 2014

    Happy Valentine's day, y'all. Is everyone having a good one so far? For me, the most exciting part of today is the fact that all the baked goods in the cafeteria are HEART-SHAPED and PINK, and I am going to get suuuuch a good Instagram picture of them. Other than that, I'm excited to eat romantic sandwiches later. My real Valentine's Day dream is a convertible filled with diamonds and a boy band, but for some reason, I don't think that's going to happen today. (SOB.) If your Valentine's Day plans are also lacking, here are some of my favorite V-Day treats from the past week(-ish) to keep your spirits up. Katie

    Angel Olsen "Hi-Five"
    I can't actually tell if this song is a happy love song or a sad one, but it sure is good, and I sure will play it as loudly as possible while cramming my face with chocolate hearts.

    Tumblr Valentines
    The actual best thing about Valentine's Day is all the Tumblr Valentines. They are filled with puns and Comic Sans and idiotic jokes, so they're the best things on the internet. That one above is from our pals over at IFC, but just browse the "Valentine's Day cards" tag on Tumblr for endless terrible laughs.

    Valentine's Day history
    Valentine's Day isn't all SweeTart thongs and chalky sugar candy. It's also history and old dead guys. But for real, this post over at History.com is totally interesting and compiles a great list of things you didn't know happened on Valentine's Day. It'll fill you with knowledge instead of sugar.

    Vintage Valentines
    Vintage Valentines have been compiled in a number of spots over the years, but they're always worth looking back on. My favorite ones are the ones that look like someone is about to get murdered. Thanks for this special gift, all you weirdo artists from the '40s.

    Bob Dylan "Most of the Time"
    This song isn't recent, but if you are having the worst Valentine's Day ever and really want to make it even worse, then I absolutely recommend putting on this Dylan jam from the '90s. It'll make you want to curl up into the fetal position forever. And then you can put on the classic sadsack tune that is "Dear Chicago" and weep for the rest of your days. Have fun!