• Friday Download: December 6, 2013

    Did you watch Sound of Music Live last night? I didn't, but thanks to Twitter opinions, I now know it was "bad," "very bad," and "Carrie Underwood has sperm eyebrows." Thank you, internet! (And is it weird that I want to watch it now?) Here are a few more wonderful things that happened on the internet this week, to help keep you entertained. —Katie

    Lana Del Rey "Tropico"
    This starts off with an Elvis, a John Wayne and a Marilyn Monroe, so you know it's going to be... something.

    PAPERMAG: Art Basel
    PAPERMAG wrote up a pretty great list of all the best happenings that will be taking place at Art Basel this weekend. A must-have to check out, especially if you're already in Miami.

    Daft Punk "Instant Crush" ft. Julian Casablancas
    The saddest love story since Titanic, TBH. (For real, though. This video about mannequins is surprisingly touching. Am I losing my mind? Probably. But at least Kim Cattrall would most likely agree with me.)

    DiGiorno Live-Tweeting Sound of Music Live
    Whoever is behind DiGiorno's Twitter account deserves a medal. They live-tweeted the entire Sound of Music Live event last night, except they related everything back to pizza. DiGiorno: doing Twitter right.

    Spotify Year in Review
    I stole this link from our freelancer Maddie's Facebook (thanks, Maddie), and it's totally awesome. Spotify created a beautifully designed site that shows users what songs were most popular in 2013, and then at the end, they break down your own Spotify usage. I'd post a screencap of mine, but it's literally only The 1975 and a single One Direction song, so...