• Friday Download: December 20, 2013

    2013 is almost over, and what a wild year it's been. Here is a very unrelated collection of videos I've been watching on the internet this past week. Their common denominator is that they all rock. Especially Beyoncé's video. Like, it's obviously the best. I'd actually like to go ahead and make a "best video of all time" joke here, but I'll refrain. For Christmas. Katie

    1. Beyoncé "XO"
    Sure, I mentioned her entire album last week, but this was one of the first videos from Beyoncé's album available on YouTube, and I really need to talk about it. Turn this up as loud as it goes, throw it on an HD setting, and prepare to weep profusely from your cryballs, because this song makes me feel as infinite as Beyoncé when I listen to it.

    2. Pop Danthology 2013
    This mashup is incredibly soothing to listen to, because everything blends so well - I found myself excited to see what song would be coming up next. It's also a great compilation of all the guiltiest pleasures from Top 40 radio this year, which is good to have on hand just in time for NYE.

    3. The Pizza Underground Concert
    I still don't really understand the appeal of Culkin's pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band, because they're not like, good, but there's something magnetic about them. For instance, I'm going to absolutely spend $15 to see them when they come to Philly in January, and I have no idea why. Bless you, Culkin.

    4. Ali Lohan "Christmas Magic"
    My actual favorite Lohan Christmas song is "Lohan Holiday" (currently only available on Spotify), but I already wrote about that one last year, so here's another hot Lohan jam... because it's not Christmas without a Lohan singing, y'all.

    5. Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas Is You"
    Posting this classic to make up for the last video. Enjoy!