• Friday Download: April 25, 2014

    Happy April 25, aka The Perfect Date! (Are you sick of hearing that Miss Congeniality joke from literally 14 years ago? Too bad.) Here's the run-down of our favorite things on the internet this week.

    Alexis Neiers on Lindsay

    Remember Alexis Neiers? Member of the "Bling Ring" and star of Pretty Wild, the best reality show ever made? She wrote an interesting post over on VICE this week about Lindsay Lohan and her recently-ended docuseries, Lindsay, and I'm pretty thrilled about it. It's written well! I'm proud of Alexis! Now Lindsay just needs to follow in her footsteps and Get. It. Together.

    Jem and the Holograms
    I have no idea who any of these gals cast for the movie are (one actress was apparently in one episode of PLL?), but here's a poster for THE JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS MOVIE! IT'S ALL HAPPENING!

    Titanic "Accidentally in Love"
    This video is not new or related to anything going on in the world right now, but every few months I remember it and give it a little watch, and now I am sharing this gift with you. It fills me with more feelings than I can even put into words. If you're having a tough week, I guarantee that this will make you feel like the king of the world. (HA HA H A hahha. I'll see myself out.)

    Parks and Rec Season 6 finale
    SPOILERS, but I feel like everything that has happened in the history of the world was just building up to this moment, the moment when Ginuwine finally came on Parks and Rec and sang "Pony" in honor of Li'l Sebastian. Still laughing out loud at the banner in the back of this .gif, TBH. Thank you for this treasure, NBC. (And please go watch the whole episode if you missed it because there's a real nice Letters to Cleo cameo.)

    Boyhood trailer
    Whoaaa. The trailer for the new Richard Linklater film is crazy. They started filming the movie in 2002 with a 6-year-old actor and then kept filming it small portions at a time until he was 18. This is blowing my mind.

    é Hynes "Palo Alto"
    Need a groovy pick-me-up for the last half of the day? Here's the title track from Palo Alto, recorded by Blood Orange's Devonté Hynes. Check out the rest of the soundtrack here.